Thomas Mariani

I am an IT professional by trade and a Science Fiction writer at heart. I live and breathe Science Fiction always reformulating my ideas of the various futures that I have created for humanity, alien friends and foes, nearby galaxies, and the ever-expanding universe.


Thomas Mariani

Science Fiction author

I have been an avid fan of Science Fiction since I was a boy sitting on a worn couch with my father watching reruns of the old and new Star Treks and other various Science Fiction offerings.  These shows and movies would spark hours of long conversations and discussions about what we had just seen, the characters, their actions, the subsequent outcomes, impacts on shipmates, the Federation, other planets, and their societies.

My father’s military background was the foundation for his vision of the future, but it was the camaraderie with his brothers in arms and his love for country and its people that spoke to me the most.  It is now part of the lens in which I build my Science Fiction worlds.  I have always visioned myself writing science fiction, this is my passion and now it has become a way of life.

The universe is made of innumerable galaxies.  With that in mind, I enjoy reading as much Science Fiction as I can, discovering and enjoying the windows to those galaxies through the imagination and visions of other authors.

Space Faction

A galaxy ravaged by war. Underdogs grapple for peace. One man inspires unity.

            A vicious war has plagued the various factions of The Decagon galaxy longer than most inhabitants can remember. Vince Starflight is a General of the Crystal Resistance, a faction intent on ending the war and proclaiming their authority. In the heat of battle, Vince faces a no-win scenario, costing hundreds of lives.
      Battle-scarred and weary, he volunteers for demotion, blaming himself for the overwhelming loss to the people of Darcya. His people. Contemplating the costs of bloodshed, Vince cultivates a plan for peace: Project Unity.
      This proposition comes with many dangers – punishment, capture, or even death- but now is the time to make a stand. Along with his comrades, Zenith, Ingrid, and Lalo, they reach out to other faction leaders, hopeful for a ceasefire. They establish a meeting for unity with the leaders of the Duke Faction; however, while en route to the neutral planet of Xima, the Duke and Duchess disappear. Vince discovers there may be a recreant within their cause.


Inside a galaxy saturated with enemies, will peace prove more grueling than war? Or will their call for unity resonate and foster more allies than they bargained for?

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